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Roadiz documentation is built on Read the Docs and available at You’ll find there how to install, update and maintain a Roadiz setup. How to build a theme and how to enhance Roadiz Core features. Do not hesitate to ask us for more details on subjects you want. All documentation files are available on Github: Do not hesitate to pull-request us if you want to participate at writing.

Forum and Gitter

For the moment, we use simple tools to talk to each others. If you want to ask simple questions or give a little feedback, we invite you to join our Gitter. It only needs you to have a Github account. Gitter join chat

For suggestions and more detailled questions, feel free to browse our Q&A website:


If you need to build complex themes or enhance Core features, API documentation will be useful to get a quick look to each Roadiz components.
It's available at

Is there any enterprise or personal support?

At the moment, Roadiz team is too small to offer an enterprise-grade support system. We are planning to build a great community through a forum and our Github repository. If you found bugs do not hesitate to post issues on Github, we will try our best to answer you. We invite you to ask us for technical details you want to read in our documentation directly on Docs repository issues.