A bunch of built-in features
to create awesome experiences.



Themes will allow you to create awesome website layouts but also great back-office additions for your customers. You will be able to centralize all your custom code at one place, so you can use a versioning tools such as Git.

Node system

Roadiz node system allows you to create your data schema and to organise your content as you want. We designed it to break technical constraints when you create tailor-made websites architectures and layouts.

User system

Roadiz backstage is based on a strong user system that can handle groups and roles to fine-tune your access permissions. Roles are extensible too, so you can even protect parts of your themes.


Roadiz uses a centralized document interface to store all your images, videos and PDFs. You can upload all your data at one place and dispatch them across your nodes. Or you can simply upload you image when editing your page. Choose your flavor.


Roadiz has been created to handle as many kind of websites as possible. So we plugged a Tag system to enhance our node-system. It will be useful if you decide to create a blog or a forum.


Roadiz handles multi-language websites natively. Your content translation is based on our node-system so you just have to add languages to your back-office and write your texts. Translation is also available for documents and tags.


Roadiz allows you to serve font files to make them dynamic over your themes. It generates your CSS fontface file too.

Embed documents

Cherry on the cake, documents can handle external resources like… Youtube or Vimeo iframes and Soundcloud players. Just paste the media identifier and let Roadiz download your thumbnail and create your iframes.

Custom forms

Custom forms allow you to create surveys or contact pages for your customers. Results are stored in Roadiz database and can be exported in XLSX format.

Responsive backoffice

Update your content on your tablet or make a last minute fix on your smartphone.